The “Prehn Art Cabinet”, with its over 800 small format oil paintings unique in Germany, was the greatest attraction in the universal collection of the confectioner. Adhering to contemporary Frankfurt tastes, his collection consisted of many Dutch and Flemish paintings from the 17th century, as well as works by German artists of the 18th century. Contemporary Frankfurt artists were also a major focus. The quality of the works varied: good or even outstanding paintings were displayed next to negligible works or copies. Prehn arranged the small images symmetrically in 32 wooden boxes, in the fashion of a real art gallery. To achieve the most consistent aesthetic form he manufactured small gilded frames himself from a dough-like substance. When the boxes were closed they could be stored practically in cupboard cabinets. To view the works, either alone or among his circle of art connoisseurs, the boxes could simply be opened and displayed on an artist’s easel. After Prehn’s inheritors bestowed the collection to the City of Frankfurt, it was catalogued and newly arranged by the art historian David Passavant. The present layout, consisting of 32 parts, is a reconstruction of the original arrangement.